ESPN Cutting 100 On-Air Personalities

Big news coming from the “mother-ship” south of the border.

The reasons for such a public and large layoff?

And this morning it was kinda surreal to watch all of these recognizable personalities live tweet their future with the company.

You can follow the rest of the layoffs that occur throughout the day at

Well this is awful news for everyone at Bristol today. I don’t care if you like/hate any of the personalities on this list, anyone who has faced sitting at work and not knowing if you’ll be there tomorrow is a horrible feeling. But this is classic ESPN. They are so late when it comes to the “digital age.” The reason why the blogs and social media are eating away at your coverage is because they actually report on “sports.” Sure they don’t do it in the true “journalistic” way, and usually consist of homerism, and fandom. But they are at least making it fun, which is the point of sports in the first place! It’s also just the simple point of more does not always equal better. ESPN has lived off this for years. Hiring a beat reporter or journalist for every single team, when in reality local coverage will always trump national coverage. It’s not rocket science. People have more options, and more access to the sports coverage they want and when they want it. Don’t get me wrong here, people are still going to watch ESPN and its live sports coverage…just don’t expect them to stick around for the debate show with two people screaming at each other like on CNN.

It’s not surprising that the hockey department at ESPN is getting totally gutted. Barry Melrose showed up once a month for 2 minutes on Sportscenter, and Buccigross had to sneak it on the late edition. It’s a shame for American hockey fans, since LeBrun is an awesome reporter who shows off his personality and does great coverage. TSN will scoop him up so fast which for once, is actually one of the good reasons for the over exposure of NHL coverage here.

But it was also good to see online other people taking in today’s news with a clear mind and a full heart. First starting with walking human Cracker Barrell Tim Brando

Yah, that’s what I thought too. How is Disney gonna fire these people and still keep the view going. Here’s another great take by this CNN guy who looks like he hasn’t showered in a week.

Way to keep this story in perspective folks.