A Bit of a Disagreement Happened at Tim Horton’s

Okay so there are two things in this video that struck me. The first is the obvious one. The title of this video is “Toronto Tim Horton’s fight over ten cents.” If you’re in a restaurant and a man is willing to make a scene by screaming about a dime, it’s probably not worth the argument. Just give up the dime. But if that man is willing too not only make a scene, but also smash the glass casing, and then eat a Boston Cream with shards of glass like he’s David Blaine. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE GIVE UP THE DIME! I’m pretty sure at the point he picked up that baton looking thing, I would have been snow shoveling all the dimes I could at this bro. Some things in life I can handle taking the L, this is 1000% one of those situations.

The second thing I noticed, and really is the outrageous crime in this video. Is that the guy filming has outside food inside the Tim’s. Like what is this? Every time I’ve brought in something in and decided it would be nice with a coffee, I always get the “no outside food speech.” And then get forced to buy a crappy bagel that is never toasted. No matter how many times you ask, that thing is coming out warm and drenched in whatever they call butter. But this dude is peeling an avocado right on the table, and whippin up some Greek sandwich in plain sight really grinds my gears. Sure maybe at this point it isn’t on the minds of the staff. But you can’t make exceptions, either your allowed outside food in or your not. This rule not being enforced might finally make me a Starbucks guy after all.