Raptors Return Home…Hopefully Show a Pulse

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tweet sum up my feelings 100% before. But there it is. That tweet is everything so far that I’ve experienced in only TWO games against the Cavs. After waiting an entire season, and getting so hyped about the trade deadline additions, the Raps…have been just getting dummied. There’s been no defense, they can’t shoot, turnovers galore, DeRozan is -50 so far, and Lowry’s ankle is now an issue. I didn’t expect to beat the greatest player in the world, but I expected some fight against him. That’s the best part about playing LeBron. It’s pushing him too the limit. But instead he’s out there drinking beers and having a laugh this time around. But Wednesday night seemed different. It felt like a franchise altering L. This was the year the Raps went all in, and instead are looking like they will be swept faster and easier than the terrible Indiana Pacers. The roster will be blown up with only DeRozan remaining unless they tie this thing up at home like last season. Do I expect that? No. This team is lacking one big thing that all teams need in the playoffs which is the edge. Now usually I hate when reporters use that term or narrative. But in this case it’s true. Last season Biyombo brought that edge. The guy wasn’t afraid of anyone on the Cavs. It made a difference, with the team, with the crowd, even with the Cavs. Hopefully I’m wrong and this isn’t the last time we see Lowry, Ibaka, and Casey at the ACC. But since there are literally ZERO highlights from the first two games, lets bask in playoff Raps Biyombo.

PS- Love how in any absurd or ridiculous situation that occurs on this planet now. The internet finds a Simpsons clip that fits perfectly with it. These young kids today will never appreciate or understand how funny and ahead of the time that show was.


I’m Done With Game 1’s


I don’t know what it is with this team and game 1’s. Every single series they always start down a game. I can’t understand why they are never ready to play. Missing open shots, turning the ball over a ton, not getting to the line enough. It’s just so frustrating. I pray Wednesday we see a different team. We have too. Otherwise this is a sweep like the Wizards in 2015.

Raps Demolish Bucks, Regain Momentum

What a win…what a win. Last night was the playoff game that we have been waiting for from this group. Ibaka was blocking and dunking on everyone, Norman cranked up the dial, DeRozan scoring at will, the rotation of Tucker/Carroll disrupting the Bucks, and even Cory Joseph looked great despite having the flu. It might take Dwane Casey some time, but every series he finds an adjustment when it matters the most. If I’m Casey, after this series I’m trying to Norman Powell extended for saving my job. Sure there are some things that keep me up at night. Lowry’s back being so bad that he can’t sit on the bench, but has to lie down on the hardwood is something I mentally need to block out. I can’t handle going to Cleveland with Irving and not having the Lowman at 100%. And if anyone who speaks Lithuanian out there can tell JV to be a MAN IN THE POST. That would calm my fears down a lot. But who cares right? Lets drink in last nights dunk city.






Biggest Two Games of the Raptors Season


Look…I’m just gonna be straight forward and simple. Because that’s what the tens of people who read this blog ask me for. These upcoming two games with the Wizards WILL DECIDE THE RAPTORS SEASON. Going 0-2, basically wipes out any chance the Raptors have of clinching that second seed in the east.

But! This team is en fuego since the Ibaka and Tucker trades. Even with Lowry out for the regular season, this team is in a BETTER position against the Wizards. They now have the size, the ability to stretch the floor, and a better frontcourt than the Wizards.

Whoa…I just quickly convinced myself that the Raptors can easily do this. Sure im ignoring the lethal combination of Beal and Wall who still haunt me from 2015. But this team is different! I don’t think I’ve ever been so jacked up about a Raptors team in my life since the post Rudy Gay dream run in 2014/15…LETS DO THIS!