Raptors Playoff Preview

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn Nets

Well it’s finally here people. The day that we have all been waiting for since last summer when LeBron ripped our hearts out. It’s time for another journey towards the that weird looking Larry O’Brein Trophy. It’s not gonna be easy folks. Were are going to have to go through the Bucks, Cavs, Celtics, or Warriors/Rockets/Spurs. But you know what? THAT IS WHAT I WANT. To be the best, you have to DESTROY the rest of the NBA. It could be the greatest run in basketball postseason history in my own mind. But before we start getting ahead of ourselves here, let’s do a quick breakdown of the first series we encounter.

The Milwaukee Bucks are the first bunch of guys up. Now normally if they were playing anyone other than the Raptors I’d be pulling for them. They are a young team with one of the most exciting players to watch in Giannis Antetokounmpo. If there was another team I’m hesitant to face in the first round, it’s the Bucks. Antetokounmpo lives up to his name as the “Greek Freak.” He led the entire Bucks team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. He can play any position 1-5, and is a match-up nightmare with the ability to take over a game himself. With just him, the Bucks have a shot in this series. But Antetokounmpo has shown that he struggles from the perimeter. This is where the Raptors revamped front-court has the big advantage over the Bucks. The consistent rotation of Carroll, Tucker, and Ibaka, forcing him outside allows the Raptors to take advantage of the rest of the floor. The back-court of Lowry and DeRozan will have the space to score in this match-up. If both of these guys struggle against the duo of Brogdon and Snell, this series could go six, heck even seven games. I really believe that this is a scenario that this team can’t afford with Cleveland in the next round.

But the Raptors in general are just too complete of a team. Their bench is better, and deeper than anything they’ve ever had before in the playoffs. Outside of Giannis, the Bucks lack scoring. It also doesn’t help that the Raptors after obtaining Ibaka, and Tucker, became one of the elite defensive teams in the NBA. The Raptors should win this series in five games with how much better they are at both ends of the floor. But if Jonas Valanciunas can finally dominate inside, a possible sweep is not out of the question.

So with that explained it’s time to fire up the Future/Panda mix!


Lowry Returns, Leads Comeback


Toronto Star- Any concern about Kyle Lowry needing plenty of time getting used to playing NBA games again was unfounded. Playing in his first game after missing more than five weeks because of surgery on his right wrist, Lowry was outstanding, scoring 27 points and adding 10 assists in 42 minutes Wednesday night as the Raptors rallied from a 20-point first-half deficit to beat the Detroit Pistons 105-102 in their final visit to the Palace of Auburn Hills.

The LowMan is back people. I’m still so amped up after last nights game. The grin on my face this morning, hasn’t been this noticeable since the Ibaka trade. The rest of the Eastern Conference has to be shaking in their boots after this game. Sure most people are talking about LeBron straight up bullying the Celtics in Boston last night. But Lowry who hasn’t played since the All-Star game, casually putting up a double-double while leading the Raps in a twenty point comeback is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better game to put my mind at ease. Going into it I was like a worried mother asking will he find his rhythm? What if this is being rushed? Will the wrist still affect his shot? Can he play aggressive like he did before this injury? All of that was answered after the first half. My only problem was that he didn’t announce his return to the NBA like John Wick.



I know this is late, and the game has technically already started. But finally we get to see what this team was supposed to look like after the trade deadline. For once the most complete team in the entire existence of the Raptors is finally on the court. I don’t care if we lose or even with this game. They need to develop that cohesiveness for the playoff run. Tonight is just the beginning of a long journey. Lets Go.