Kadri Gets the Leafs Going, Game 4 Tonight


Well I don’t think I’ve ever been so wrong about a series in my life. Yes, I am aware this is far from over. But I didn’t give these guys a chance. I was expecting a sweep, with this Capitals team being so loaded and this Leafs team being so young, small, and injury riddled.

Now for years, this team has been so fun to “hate watch” as a non leafer in Toronto. They were confident, untalented, absurd, and overpaid. Fans threw everything from jerseys to waffles on the ice. But one guy who always cracked me up was Kadri. The guy just wants to win and doesn’t care how he does it. Game 3 showed off peak Kadri. It’s like a switch goes off in this guy’s head, and this time he decided to become a missile screaming at Orpik. It’s laugh out loud funny. It’s wild stuff like this that makes playoff hockey so great.

Still…Capitals in 6.


Leafs vs. Caps Preview

It’s been awhile, but playoff hockey is finally back in the city. As a person who isn’t a Leaf fan, and usually can’t stand the maniacs of “Leaf Nation.” I’ll even admit that it is nice for them to get this. After years of mediocrity, and an UNBELIEVABLE tank job last season, the Leafs stunned everyone (including myself) at somehow getting here. But unfortunately for them, they get to take on the President Trophy winning Capitals.

Now simply put the Capitals are bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled, and have the better goaltender. They are a complete team. It’s the best team that Ovechkin has ever had in his time in Washington. There isn’t a position on paper where the Leafs have the upper hand. It also appears that the Leaf defense is also going to be without one of their better dmen in Nikita Zaitsev too.

If Freddy Anderson’s job didn’t already look impossible, the fact that Roman Polak is expected to be on the first line highlights how mammoth of a challenge this is. But! The Capitals have blown series that they were expected to win…practically every year. President Trophy winners have been taken out by teams in the first round before. It also helps that the Leafs playing with house money. They aren’t expected to be here, they have absolutely nothing to lose. At this point if they stole a single game in this series, I could see Washington fans questioning if Trotz is the right guy behind the bench. All of these factors are why I think it will be a quick 4-0 sweep by the Caps. They are just simply too talented and deep of a roster. Sure the Leafs proved me and a ton of people wrong with making it to the dance. It just isn’t going to happen in this series. I just hope they don’t get dummied too bad, otherwise we will all be subjected to the lame talking point of “learning how to win through loss” all summer here.

Enjoy the hype video though!

Deadmau5 making new Leafs tune


BlogTo- With a new star saving the team, a fresh logo, and a lot of hype surrounding the 2016/17 Maple Leafs season comes news of an updated anthem for the franchise. Toronto DJ/producer/stage musical muse Deadmau5 will produce a brand new anthem for the team. It will debut as they skate onto the ice to take on Boston at the ACC tomorrow. Asked to come up with “something simple, original and different,” the electronic music maker didn’t use any samples and tried to appeal to the very large hockey audience who will be tuning in every game. It’ll be something “driving and anthem-ish,” he descriptively told the Maple Leafs website. A dance song meant to pump energy into the 100 year old organization and announce a new chapter for the team.

This isn’t coming from a Leaf fan but a hockey fan. THANK GOD. Now creating a new “team anthem” is usually a horrible idea. These things tend to be forced and seem very lame. But for the sake of people who attend hockey games at the ACC this was so badly needed. Most nights I’d think Geddy Lee was the only guy who had ever made it big from this city. Or that some Motley Crew member had welded his iPhone to the aux cord. Good music helps add to the atmosphere of any field or arena. Ever heard someone complain from Montreal complain about the eurobeats? Or anyone in Detroit not lose their minds when Journey or Marshall comes on? It’s part of the reason why Raptor games are always considered more fun than Leaf games recently. It’s about time they found someone like Deadmau5 to inject some life into that place and into the 21st century.

P.S. I love how this move will drive the “hockey purists” up the wall.

Auston Matthews Goes Nuts In Debut


Toronto Star- It didn’t take Auston Matthews long to live up to the hype. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft scored four goals in his first regular-season NHL game, in the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday’s season opener for both teams. He also became the first player to score four goals in his NHL debut. William Nylander benefited from Matthews’s performance with two assists, while Frederik Andersen stopped 25 shots for the Leafs.

Well I guess that went well. I’m not even a Leafs fan and that debut was straight up wild last night. I don’t think there has been a tank pay off so quickly for a team like this. Sure they still took a loss last night. But really who cares. Everyone has Matthews fever in this city after one game. Toronto was trending globally for a non-Ford related story. Who would think that an American from Phoenix would somehow become the darling of the of the “hockey universe”. If I was a Sixers fan watching that. I’d probably lose my collective shit knowing the process can happen at light speed.

Quick Maple Leafs Outlook


2016 Opening Night Roster

October in Toronto for the past couple of seasons has been dominated by the Blue Jays. It also isn’t November yet, so we actually can’t look forward to the other team who calls the ACC home. So that must mean it’s the annual kickoff of the NHL’s Cleveland Browns. The 2016 Maple Leafs start up…right now. So this will be the super concise preview you’ve been looking for without the regular TSN or Sportsnet dominated media fingers covering them.

First off this team is young. Eleven guys are under 24. The complete strip down and overall of the Leafs looks like it is coming together. The years of grit and whatever the hell “toughness” means are gone, and begins the era of the Leafs joining the rest of the NHL with a team of offensive skill and speed. Matthews seems to be the real deal and worth the tank after his coming out party during the World Cup. Morgan Rielly needs to be in everyone’s prayers this year because this defense that has been assembled will be undoubtably the weakest part of this team. When Matt Hunwick and Roman Polak are in your top 4 pairing, you know it’s gonna be ROUGH most nights. However, Nikita Zaitsev looks to transition from the KHL to the NHL which I think is the most intresting storyline to watch with this group. Can his quick success in the KHL where he was an all-star, make Jake Gardiner a intresting trade asset. And finally, can Freddy Anderson be the elusive goalie that this town finally gets. Ever since Ed Belfour was forced to fly out of here. Nobody except James Reimer has come close to owning this position.

Unfortunately Leaf fans. It’s gonna be another long winter with at TON of losses. But at least this year the blueprint and the foundation of this team can finally be watchable again.