Fox News Host in Hot Water for Brutal Ivanka Joke

Well! Have yourself a week Fox News! I mean is there really anything else here to say? It’s unbelievable that after all the headlines that this place has made recently, here comes along this guy throwing this one down on prime-time. Obviously there was some anger directed at this display, so lets see what Watters said in an effort to clear this up.

What?! Really?! Really Guy?! I honestly can’t believe what I just read in that tweet. Is this the worst lie of all time? Has to be right? Like there’s no way that he took time to brew this one up. You think people like me are really that stupid? Like we don’t understand what you really meant? I’m still stunned at this lie. It’s a lie so bad that I just keep sitting and staring at it. I’m more stunned Donald didn’t see this. The President kinda keeps his finger on the pulse when it comes to cable news. I’m kinda pissed he didn’t see this to be honest. I think everyone on the planet would welcome a tweet storm directed at this “pin-head.”

Well we just know if he takes a sudden vacation, it’s probably done for this guy…oh look