Bills Trade Down, Take Tre’Davious White

Last night was a good night for BillsMafia. First the Bills traded their 10th pick to the Chiefs for the 27th pick, a 3rd rounder, and a 2018 1st rounder. In a draft full of defensive depth. It was a really good move to grab future surplus, while being able to fill a need for your team. But now on too the new man in Buffalo.

I figured if the Bills traded down, they would have taken Tim Williams or Reuben Foster. But instead the Bills took White, to step right in and replace Stephon Gilmore who left in free agency. White is known for being one of the premier cornerbacks in college football. He has the size and speed to cover anyone, and can play man exceptionally well. White is a pick that can immediately step in and be a starter on an already talented defense. He also brings some return magic to the Bills special teams, so hopefully we get our own Patrick Peterson at the Ralph.

There is question about his physicality when it pertains to stopping the run. But really, that will slowly develop as he fills out into his NFL body. Off the field White seems like really just a nice, average guy. There are no “red flags”, or any off-field issues, and seems to be the type of player that McDerrmott is trying to instill on the rest of the Bills.

Hopefully, on day two the Bills address some of the holes when it comes to the offense. But for the mean time lets sit back and inject some Tre’Davious LSU highlights into our skulls.