Chris Coghlan Goes Full Superman

What the hell was that?! That was the most dangerous, irresponsible, crazy, insane, play for home I’ve ever seen in baseball. But I’m sitting at my computer screaming MORE! MORE! MORE!

I know baseball purists were mad as hell when Manfred made blocking the plate illegal. Some described it as typical cupcake millennials being soft. But if were getting more of these superman jumps over them, I am so for this. Who cares about making innings shorter, or the pace of the game faster. If you pull a stunt like this off it should count as two runs. I’m even taking it further, I want like a one of those long jump measuring spots that they have in the Olympics. With the further you launch yourself over the catcher for a run the more the run counts. You get players doing that…and I think it’s game over for football come October time.


Jason Grilli Attempts French, Becomes Bilingual Hero

Jason Grilli is awesome. He’s a guy who doesn’t hide who he is. The Grillman is gonna haul ass outta the bullpen, fire up the crowd, scream at himself, and just straight up murder the language of love. Now I understand he’s putting up a nice sentimental post for Montreal. But this is hilarious. “Au Revoir” is practically stapled everywhere throughout that city. You can’t walk a block without seeing it. What’s even better, is that he just didn’t even try to google it. Literally just spelled it out how he thinks it sounds after finding the perfect picture for that post. I just know that he’s the guy to yell “garcon!” and snap his fingers at a waiter thinking that’s a thing. I’m not even a Jays fan, but I love this move so much that I might just start the hashtag #Ovwa after every out he gets. Screw #cometogether it should be #Ovwa from now on.

Toronto Just Kicked in the Ass

What a day yesterday was. Two huge L’s handed out to the city. The first one coming from the Indians, who punched their first ticket to the World Series since 1997 down at Rogers Centre. Fans watched the Indians celebrate and wonder if this will be the last time they see Bautista or Encarnacion in a Jays uniform. But this wasn’t just a simple L because of that. It’s because of the Jays biggest boot mouth in Jose Bautista. Now before anyone screams about the batflip, just know that was last year and he wasn’t talking like he was in this series. First came the whiney complaints about the zone. Then came the opinion on Ryan Merritt before game 5. It’s like dude. Chill out! Your down 3-1 and the lineup is ice-cold. What in the hell are you thinking? It’s like Andy Bernard self-awareness with this guy. Nobody is intimidated by you, the whole league hates you guys for this exact type of stuff. And of course Cleveland made sure to let him know about this post game.

The happy birthday tweet is just so smug and ruthless, you can’t help but respect Trevor Bauer’s troll game.

But then after accepting the end of another baseball season. I could see “Leafsnation” on twitter lighting up the tweets about Auston Matthews and how it’s “his turn” in the city’s spotlight. And you know what? For once it seemed like it. Here’s a guy with the greatest debut by an NHL rookie whose leading a team with sky-high potential. Comes into the Peg to face the Jets and the dude picked AFTER him in Patrick Laine. They take a 4-0 lead into the second period and it seems like this team has got it. They’re fast, skilled, young and exciting to watch. Too bad they blow their 4 goal lead and take the L in overtime where Laine nets the game winner and a hat trick in the process.


Hilarious. Just Hilarious. I honestly wonder if they built the ACC on an old Aboriginal burial ground. Because there is no other way to explain what happened yesterday. Never in all my years of living here have I witnessed two L’s like this on the same day. It’s unbelievable.

P.S. The Winnipeg crowd chanting “Laine’s Better” shows why they still have the crown for most ruthless in the league.

Toronto Library Out Here Snatching Twitter Souls

Ouuuuuuufffffff what a shot at the Cleveland library. This is what the playoffs are all about. Screw the lame bets by mayors who exchange gifts to each other. Like…I could give less of a damn if John Tory is walking around city hall for a day wearing a Rajai Davis jersey. Give me the public library beef. The combination of literacy and testosterone has me so fired up. I’m already taking out books to learn haiku’s and Clevelandic history so I can let these poetic jabs fly! That’s how fired up this tweet got me. Forget Norm and his legion of writers. I’m team TLP for life.

P.S. I’m aware of all the grammatical errors in this post, and probably will take out some books to fix this up.

Jays Win! But idiots keep making headlines


Toronto Sun- Who threw the beer can at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim?Toronto Police say they’re still investigating the tallboy toss that came at the bottom of the seventh inning as the Jays were tied 2-2 with the Orioles on Tuesday night. The can flew onto the field from the Rogers Centre stands just as Kim was about to catch a long fly ball from the Jays Melvin Upton Jr. On Wednesday, cops said the can caper was an ongoing investigation but so far, no arrests have been made. “We’re currently looking into it,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said, adding no one has been arrested yet. Just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, police took to Twitter to urge the thrower to “turn yourself in. “We have photos,” cops tweeted. The beer blast quickly made headlines across North America. In the locker room after the game, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was still steaming about the throw. “To throw something at a player, that’s as pathetic as it gets and I hope they find the guy and I hope they press charges,” he said. Mayor John Tory described the yet-to-identified beer thrower as a “loon ball” but stressed he was just one fan amid 50,000. “Hopefully people know who that was and has singled them out,” Tory told Newstalk 1010 on Wednesday. “Maybe he should get help.” Blue Jays spokesman Erik Grosman said the fan was not ejected because he took off before police had a chance to get him.

Last night was awesome. That game between the O’s and the Jays, is why the one game playoff has become one of the most exciting/nail-biting formats created. Edwin’s walk off homer was another electrifying moment that made the dome descend into sheer madness and euphoria. It’s that type of ending that baseball fans live for, and sports fans pay all that money to see it happen.

But of course, it can’t be that simple. In the bottom of the 7th, a BroJay irate that Hyun Soo Kim was about to catch a routine inning ending fly ball. Decided it was time to take matters in his own hands and be the hero the city needs, by turning his Coors Light into a boomerang. Thankfully it didn’t smoke Kim in the back of his head, and he ended the inning unharmed but stunned at what just happened.

What it did do, was keep the title of Blue Jays fans being the worst in the MLB very alive and trending. Now before the five people who read this site comment that it’s “not every fan” or just “a few bad apples” they need to stop lying to themselves. First, this is not some new thing. Fans throwing cans, bottles, or any other garbage has happened way too frequently. It happened at the home opener in 2009 which resulted in the Rogers Centre being forced to do three dry games. There was last year’s wild inning in the ALDS. Heck, yesterday wasn’t even the fist time that an O’s player was targeted with a beer. We even had a guy who thought that throwing cans was for nerds and wimps, and ratcheted things up when he tried to get the urinal out there. The Jays even had to stop giving away free calendar magnets on opening day BEFORE the game started, because they soon came raining down from the 500 level. Like let that sink in. A MLB team actually has to wait until the game is over because they can not trust their own fans to NOT throw stuff. This has become a kindergarten for giant man-babies. So when Americans are all over twitter saying Jays fans are bandwagoners who don’t understand baseball and are morons. Tell me how they shouldn’t belive that after this same stuff happens over and over again on their tv’s. At this point throwing stuff at either a home opener or playoff game has become a yearly tradition in this city like the Santa Claus Parade or nuit blanche. Oh, and while were at it. Before anyone counters with the typical smug Canadian exceptionalism on diversity in our city toward Americans who point out this stupidity on whatever platform. It’s now being reported that the can throwing was the least of the problems, with some douchebags spending their inning’s yelling racist bullshit towards various Orioles. Obviously, this isn’t all fans and we can’t generalize. But really this is a brutal look. There’s no way to sugar coat this after seeing and reflecting on this display happening again and again.

What is even more aggravating, is that Rogers Centre or whomever is in charge of how drinks are sold there. Has still not said to themselves “gee I don’t know…maybe cans or bottles shouldn’t be sold at the dome during games”. Like, they’ve made the switch to cups before. But maybe it takes like double-digit incidents like these for it to really sink in that plastic cups wouldn’t give a player a concussion falling from the 200 level. Or just be so meat-head friendly to throw.

The real shame here, is that instead of fans celebrating that amazing walk off homer by Edwin. The city is instead focused on finding and bringing to justice the culprit of #cangate, and dealing with the fallout of letting these idiots do crap like this for far too long and often at these games.

Jays and O’s Quick Preview


Here we are. Finally, after a long 162 games we have arrived at the playoffs. Tomorrow night the Jays and O’s will face off in a one game wild card, which is a format I LOVE. It gives the victor the feeling of actually making it to the party, while the loser goes back home to writers and local radio asking why you didn’t win the division in the first place. It also features two AL East teams who hate each other, which makes this even better.

What is great about this matchup compared to the NL wildcard, is that both of these lineups are great. If you’re the type of guy who hates a pitchers duel, than this is the game for you. Rather than pick apart these lineups up and down, I believe that the run differential over the season will give us a clear picture since both lineups are so similar. First both of these lineups are in the top 15 of the MLB, with the O’s at 11 and the Jays at 5. They both hit well and both score a lot of runs. However…at home Toronto is +38 while Baltimore is -11 on the road. The home field advantage that Toronto won is now sneaky HUGE.

The starters tomorrow are Marcus Stroman and Chris Tillman. First, the choice of Stroman is odd for the Jays. Francisco Liriano has been stellar posting a  2.92 ERA (147 ERA+) in 49 1/3 innings for the Jays, and was picked up at the deadline exactly for this type of game. Stroman however, has had a down year overall only posting a 9-10 record with a 4.37 ERA. What’s even more of a head scratcher, is that Stroman has been terrible against these same O’s all season. It’s great that the Jays have so much confidence in Stroman, but it is a big gamble to overlook his 2016 season. Tillman however, is without question the ace of the O’s rotation and had an excellent year going 16-6 with an 3.77 era. He is the best pitcher on the staff, and gets rewarded with the biggest game of the season.

The O’s have the clear advantage in the bullpen department when comparing these two squads. Baltimore’s pen is one of the best in the MLB. While Toronto’s pen has been very serviceable it does not compare to the O’s. But it’s the closers that matter the most in these one and done playoffs. Zach Britton has posted INSANE numbers this season and in my opinion deserves the CY Young award for them. The O’s have the ability to bring Britton in for six outs if they need too which is a nice option to live and die on. The Jays just cannot do that since Osuna has struggled in September. This past week highlighted these struggles with three blown saves in a row. Overall, Baltimore has the advantage in the pitching makeup. They can afford to be aggressive with their bullpen, while the Jays just do not have that luxury. It is the tipping point in why they get the choice to advance to the ALDS in this preview.

What on earth is going on with the Jays?


Toronto Sun- Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was asked prior to Thursday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles how his club was holding up with the pressure to make the playoffs getting hotter and hotter.

“Good for the most part,” Gibbons said. “There’s definitely frustration. There’s going to be. That’s the game, you’re at it every day. But I think that’s always been one of the pluses of this group. Things don’t stick with them.”

That’s Gibbons’ answer and he’s sticking to it.

But you have to wonder. You have to wonder if this team, once clearly in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot but now fighting tooth and nail just to make the wild card, is coming apart at the seams and if there’s a leadership void inside the clubhouse.

Why, for example, would the leaders on the team allow someone to put up on a wall photos of two Toronto sports writers with an ‘X’ scratched on their face and the a message written on top reading, ‘Do not grant them interviews’ (or words to that effect)?

On the surface, a pretty juvenile stunt. But also unprofessional. And it’s something, a couple of journalists pointed out to a Jays official, the New York Yankees would never allow in their clubhouse.

And it’s not just those photos. There have been a number of incidents inside the Jays clubhouse recently that suggest that there may be a bit of panic setting in.

Things like: Someone cranking up the music just when the media arrives to conduct pre-game interviews. That’s happened more than a couple of times. It happened again on Thursday. Again, on the surface, silly, stupid. But, again, unnecessary. The media have a job to do, just like the players. Fans almost always take the side of the players when there’s an issue with the media, but teams with confidence and swagger don’t need to pulls stunts like putting pictures of writers on a wall.

There was an incident the other night when a couple of journalists tried to corral struggling closer Roberto Osuna for an interview, but he kept blowing them off. Finally, one reporter followed him right into a private part of the clubhouse and told him off. Certainly something nobody, especially a young player like Osuna, needs.

Following a loss a few weeks ago, the starting pitchers retreated into a room for a meeting and then wandered back into the clubhouse. A good dozen or more writers and broadcasters witnessed what went down and naturally someone asked Marcus Stroman (who started that day) what the meeting was about. Stroman told the guy that it was none of his business.

Which was fine. But then his anger boiled over and he began to rant, finally forcing one of the Jays’ media guys to intervene.

First let me say this before the tens of people who read this site come at my neck. I am not a Blue Jays fan. I like baseball. But I am not a fan of this team and have never been. So I believe that this can be written from someone who sees this team differently from most people in this city.

This Jays team is the biggest bunch of cry babies in baseball. They are a group who want the spotlight of the league, but can’t handle the hate that they helped create. Bat-flipping, strike out celebrations, and overall swag are something that is NEEDED in baseball. It actually gets fans and people who call this game “slow” interested in the game. There always needs to be a certain flair and excitement in baseball. Last season the Jays were that team who accomplished that with their antics. Sure it makes old guys like Goose Gossage lose their damn minds. But if your going to play and build your identity on being the MLB’s flashy new bully, than you have to be ready for the hate.

This means expecting guys like Rougned Odor to try and clock Bautista (he did if your behind on this). Knowing that the Yankees, Red Sox and O’s are going to be coming for you this season, and try too embarrass you while they do it. You would think that the Jays would understand this concept, since they seemed to embrace it during the entire 2016 season. But instead they have a BRUTAL September. Lose the division title to the Red Sox. Start a brawl with the Yankees where they lost the series, the fight, and one of their most effective arms out of the bullpen in Benoit. And now this reporter stuff.

If your going to be the same guys who celebrate and show such emotion with every single thing that you do on the diamond. Than you have to be able to explain yourself to the media. It doesn’t matter if some reporters like Feschuk, or Simmons, get in your grill and ask you obvious and insulting questions about your or the team’s performance. But to be the same group of guys who call Chase Headley and the Yankees sheep, but then put up some dudes from the Star’s face with an “x” and dodge and interview. You look like the entitled brats that the league hates you for being. Nothing proves this more than having Stroman angry and ranting to the media, while this same team pushes HDMH gear in the Jays shop.

What’s even more absurd, is the legion of fans online and off it who push this narrative of “the media” somehow being at fault. The idea that this teams performance would somehow be better if nobody covered them, or if it was just Shi Davidi just standing alone in the clubhouse shows the stupidity of Toronto fans. Toronto, is just like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis, and L.A. It’s a massive city. A big baseball town. And a team with a high payroll. There are expectations here just like in those cities, and when they are not met. Of course questions are gonna be asked. Do these guys in the clubhouse actually think it’s so bad here? I have not ever seen a NY Post type article or hatchet job in my life on this team. The honest truth here is simple. These guys are choking at the wrong time, and they know it. The fans know it too. That’s why they are so defensive. But it’s obvious that if this clubhouse spent more time focused about playing these three games more than they did about these two writers. Maybe they wouldn’t have this scenario in Boston.

Jesus Montero still finding ways to never touch a MLB field


Blue Jays Triple-A first baseman Jesus Montero has been slapped with a fifty game suspension after testing positive for a banned stimulant, the league announced. Montero was once a hyped prospect, but has been trying unsuccessfully to revive his career in recent years.

Man. This guy. This…guy is actually something else.

Everyone has certain people in their past that they’ll never forget. For some people its a school-yard bully who savagly ruined their adolescence. Even for the bully themselves, its the popular girl in school who punted you to the curb after the first weekend of university because she found a bigger, faster, stronger, and not peaked yet version of yourself. But if your Jack Zduriencik however, nobody haunts your dreams like Jesus Montero.

You make a deal with Brian Cashman giving away an injured flamethrower in Michael Pineda, thinking your getting the “Gary Sanchez” of the Mariners. But instead you get a Montero who decides to try the “Orson Welles” offseason nutrional program. Then, after spending a year buried in the minors. He gives the controversial “eat right, workout” plan a go…and shows up to spring training lookin like twigy. But after still not producing gets designated for assignment, then claimed by the Jays who give the guy another shot. What’s amazing now. Is that in the season and a half that he plays with the Jays, he actually begins to play very well in Buffalo. But of course, Jesus can’t help himself. He has to find a way to blow this all up, and gets himself banned 50 for the stimulants.

Like…if your Montero you can be mad at yourself. Knowing that once again you have blown another oppurtunity to be in the show. But seriously. How mad are you if your Jack Zduriencik. Your out there pounding the pavement knocking on doors, just throwing your resume in around the league and this guy just will not leave you alone. Just popping up with another headline year after year. Honestly at this point, just become the MLB network version of Steve Mariucci. Bring up some of your good moves in your career. But just laugh and laugh about moves like the Montero on air and cry about them (and him) at home.

The Guide to the Toronto Blue Jays fanbase


Fall. It’s the best of the four seasons we get to experience in our wonderful city. The ability to wear hoodies and pants comfortably, football season kicking off, and the occasional few weeks of playoff baseball help bring the city alive.

But for the people who aren’t baseball crazy or are not from the city, going to a playoff game or even a watch party of Jays fans can be overwhelming. So this post is written to provide some insight into what your about to encounter in October.

The Original Fans

The Original Fans, are men or women who are about 50 or older. They are straight up just a delight to be around. The Original Fans tend to be usually be very polite and sweet to you in either a stadium or watch party setting. They often will provide some quick stories or history behind the team since they have seen it from its inception. Quietly they are super excited that people younger than them share a common interest with them, and are often quick to seize on this. Listening to the days of the outdoor exhibition stadium or hearing about the roar of the crowd in 1992 usually provide either a soothing or calming feeling to the simpler Toronto times. If the stories don’t bring enough of a sense of nostalgia, clothing always does. These veteran fans always have the trendiest of Jays gear. Which somehow still looks brand new even though they have been through the battlefields of washing machines and countless games. They also provide all the fashionistas, and hipsters, with lessons on how to properly rock these vintage threads.

However, there are still some things you must be aware of when being around the Original Fans. The first being, NEVER PULL OUT OR LOOK AT YOUR PHONE. The Original Fans absolutely hate and despise today’s generations constantly looking or experiencing everything through their phones. They will bring this to your attention often and early. It will be done in either a sweet backhand compliment, or in a straight up old-fashioned blunt way. As stated above, the stories the Original Fans provide can be wonderful. However, it must be a line you carefully tread. The reason being, these stories soon can turn into innings and innings about their own children and their own life stories where you have to seem interested in. This results in missing a lot of the game itself, or even just missing out on the ups and downs of playoff baseball while your hearing about how their grandchild is going to be a journalist after shes done at Western.

The Hipster

The Hipster is a staple at Jays games, and game-day bars. The Hipster is a good baseball fan who actually enjoys the game, and wants everyone in their vicinity to have a great time. The Hipster is easy to identify by his beard, skinny jeans and of course vintage Blue Jays threads from Queen St or Leslieville. In recent seasons, The Hipster has started to move away from the “vintage” look, and now has actually taken the step of purchasing a current replica or authentic Jays uniform. No need to fear not identifying The Hipster. They still make it rather obvious in public with these new jersey’s, because they only attach themselves to R.A. Dickey, Josh Donaldson, or Russel Martin.

Although The Hipster’s intentions are good and well-mannered, they tend to scare people off with their certain mannerisms. The first being that they discovered the Blue Jays in a town that they deem “obsessed” with hockey. They will constantly bring this up as they engage in twitter fights with local fans and bloggers during the game. If they don’t have tickets to the game, The Hipster will head to the bar. But it won’t be a sports bar since it is deemed “too corporate”, and it won’t be the local bar either since it’s “too local”. Instead the hipster will bring you to a random spot somewhere either on Ossington or Parkdale which is named after an old battleship or poet, with half of the bar becoming a disco midway throughout the 7th inning. Don’t expect to know or understand the beer selection where The Hipster takes you. The reason being it will be exclusively craft and local beers. These beers of course you will have never heard of, and most likely taste as if they were left out in the sun for a week before being brought in. In this situation it is best to go with the liqueurs and mixed drinks since you know what you’re getting. On a positive note, the bar will probably put these drinks into unique glass that is aesthetically pleasing.

The Calculator

The Calculator is easy to understand and somewhat despise. The Calculator is a simple fan, he is straight up just a numbers guy. There is an aura of negativity around these fans, since they are usually tweeting and arguing about the validity of numbers in every single aspect of the game at any beat writer or blogger they can find. These fans constantly will question and scream about any decision John Gibbons makes citing the numbers over gut, strategy, or just so they can hear themselves talk. Do not engage in questioning The Calculator, because soon you’ll have a smart phone or laptop right in your grill with him screaming about the WAR or xFIP.

The Purists

I am going to try and be as clear as possible when writing this. STAY AWAY FROM THE PURISTS.

The Purists are the worst of the Blue Jay fans you encounter, just because they are impossible to please. These are baseball fans who take pride in “sticking with the team during the down years”. Yet during those same down years, they bitched and moaned that people weren’t coming to the games. But then when the team started to make a run, they bitched and moaned about the bandwagoners. You can’t EVER please these guys. They also have an unsual amount of hate for the wave. Almost as if the wave was a father who went for a pack a cigarettes when they were an infant and never came back. The Purists are easy to identify online too. Usually with “Jaysfan” in their twitter handle, or with the public shaming they do at games towards the wave as mentioned above. “SIT DOWN THIS IS AN IMPORTANT AT BAT!” is a staple of the Purist. The purist will ignore that the higher attendance numbers that bandwagons bring directly results in a more healthy revenue stream for the club. This is because they feel that the Rogers Centre is an extension of their own home and it’s for the “true fans”. Again, simply put. There is no pleasing these attention craving lunatics.

The FAN590 Caller

This guy right here is something else. These fans are so easy to spot, they stick out like a sore thumb. The 590er is incredibly emotionally invested in this team. Throughout his workday whether it be in office cube or out on the job site, the 590er is blasting sports radio. Every hot-take that comes out of those speakers creates an instant reaction to this fan. In simple terms its like vinegar and baking soda. This type of reaction doesn’t just adhere to the workday, it continues well after it an during the game. Throughout the game they will pace, jump, stand, profusely sweat, and curse like a sailor, at every call or event that doesn’t go their way. They live and die by one simple rule.


No form of objectivity or criticism can be heard or explained to the 590er. He will sit on hold all day to get 30 seconds of on air radio time to attack and defend the Jays from any and all type of media. They believe in every Anti-Canadian conspiracy theory pertaining to the MLB, with someone like Andrew Stoeten acting as their own Alex Jones. Do not troll these fans. Because if you even create some form of wit in a joke against their beloved Jays, they will take it as a personal slight to their grave. Catholics have the Pope as their leader, the 590ers hang on to every word that Greg Zaun provides them nightly.

The Bro Jay

The Bro Jay is the most common fan you’ll see on this list. The Bro Jay is exclusively a bandwagon fan who commands his presence at every game or watch party. Big fans of Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez (especially their instagram pages). The Bro Jay probably lives around the Rogers Centre, most likely City Place. Usually works in the financial field where he believes his suit job has some sort clout within the downtown core. But the Bro Jay can also be from the 905 and 519 regions, flying in on the GO Trains preparing themselves for battle by downing Coors Light and Belmonts.

The Bro Jay will usually wear a jersey, backwards cap, sunglasses inside, and be loud and obnoxious to assert his fandom and dominance over anyone in his section. No language is off-limits, no hand gestures are either. The more crass it is, the funnier it is to the Bro Jay. Context never matters either. Fueled by booze and Pizza Nova, the Bro Jay will become louder and angrier as each inning progresses looking for anyone wearing either Boston or New York gear. Once finding his target the Bro Jay will use his Canadian inferiority complex to make sure that his section know that these people are traitors. It does not matter if these include women or children, they are traitors to the Bro Jay. And they must be dealt with.

The Bro Jay however is not like the 590er, he will turn on his team. The past home openers and playoff games have seen what happens when the Bro Jay decides to show his displeasure. At a certain point during each of these games, booing is not enough. The Bro Jay somehow morphs or transforms into a Canadian version of a Philly fan and begins to throw and litter the field with anything they can find. It takes a good 20 minute game delay and a suddenly attentive police presence to calm the Bro Jays down, and get back to playing the game. The best advice for casual fans and non fans who encounter the Bro Jay, is just simply pretend he does not exist. For years this has been the staple and easiest way to deal with these creatures.

The Pilot Fish

The Pilot Fish are the most elusive of Jays fans. If you pay attention you can spot these type of fans, but you have to look very very hard. They are usually “friends of friends” who somehow score tickets in a suite or group box. Devouring everything free. It doesn’t matter if its booze, food, or merch. The Pilot Fish tend to document everything on social media before ghosting out into the downtown core faster than the traffic beaters.




So there you have it. A comprehensive guide and summary of what to expect and encounter this October when playoff fever takes over the city.