Raps Finish Bucks, But the 905ers Win the D-League Title

That’s it folks. The Raps went into Milwaukee last night, put on a show, almost blew a 25 point lead, but they pulled it off. Am I going to address the problem that this team has with closing games? Absolutely not! I’m gonna forget it. Cause the Bucks are gone. It’s now all about Cleveland. It’s what we have been waiting for around here. I could care less about Jason Kidd blowing kisses at Ibaka. Just give me seven games vs King James. That’s all I’m asking here. I’m a simple man who is desperate for some hardware. So desperate that I’m about to gloat about the D-League title the 905ers won last night. But before that, lets drink in this tweet that aged well from Governor Scott Walker.

But on to the title talk. The 905 Raptors brought the hardware to Peel Region with an impressive 122-96 domination over the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. The Raptors youth of Fred Van Vleet, Bruno Caboclo, and Finals MVP Pascal Siakam, put on show for the Sauga crowd.

But what does this mean for the Raps? Well it means a couple of things. The first being that good drafting and development allows holes to be easily be filled from free agency this summer. The second thing, is that Jerry Stackhouse will soon be a head coach somewhere else. It’s been remarkable to watch him succeed into a role that many players frankly just stink at when they retire. The last thing it means is PARADE TIME PEOPLE!

Lets see the madness!

Even members of media are still in awe of this achievement.

But seriously though, this is really awesome. It’s actually great that this franchise has tons of stuff to celebrate after the years of downright horrible management. But also to the fans of Mississauga who really pack the Hershey Center so these guys aren’t hearing crickets when they play. Oh, and of course the GOAT showed up at today’s festivities.