Bro Shows Up Court-side with “Send Nudes”




So last night during the Raps huge Dunk-a-thon win over the Bucks. There was some dude court-side wearing quite the shirt. Now as a man who knows class, sophistication, and business, this isn’t your usual court-side attire. The rare times that I leech on with someone who has the floor seats. I’m bringing the heat. That means my hair is on point, my clothes are crisp, and my shoes are Italian. People look at me like I’m showtime Pat Riley, or that I’m Gosling’s twin who couldn’t make it in LA. Sitting court-side to me is the closet that I’ve been to walking down a runway. But now send nudes guy has ruined that. I can’t look at those seats the same after such a loser move that this guy pulled. I’m not even thinking about how big of a win last night was. I’ve been walking around all day going “how ugly is send nudes guy? he has got to be ugly rocking that…and facing the other way…right?” I think after today I went from a court-side guy to a boxlife guy after seeing MLSE let this happen.


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