Raps Even the Series, Bucks Fans Chant “Bucks in Six!”

Look let’s be honest here. This series has not gone the way that we have wanted it too. It’s been full of sporadic defense, horrible turnovers, and just unbelievable horrid shooting from the Raptors. Until the second half of game four on Saturday, I actually was beginning to question if this team was giving up. Like I couldn’t believe that the most well-built team in Raptors history was getting worked by these young Bucks. But then finally DeRozan, Ibaka, and Norman Powell put the team on their back. My mood went from a guy who was melting in his chair, to this…


I was fired up! Wait! Still is fired up! I really thought about grilling some venison, and firing off some Eric Foreman memes at the glove state. But then I saw something that made my heart grow like the Grinch’s in that movie at the end of the game.

Yes! I absolutely LOVE THAT MOVE! Look there’s nothing better in sports than the shit talking that fans do with one another. I love the confidence by this little town in Wisconsin. It’s what makes the playoffs awesome. All these little dairy farmers finally getting some glow for something other than cheese is cute. It’s so adorable, it makes me want to pat them on the head and say “good job, your now finally big boys now.” It’s not always easy to get our busy metropolises attention. But as my boy Chaz Palminteri says “now youse can’t escape us.” If I wasn’t confident before game 4, I now am super confident. Were playing this bad and it’s STILL even???? HA! LETS GO!

Update: Confidence down a little bit

Update #2: Confidence is dropping dramatically…(brewing large amounts of coffee and roaming the streets to reassure self)

P.S. Did the MLSE fire all their graphic design people? These shirts are so brutal this season. Seriously what is this?



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