Kadri Gets the Leafs Going, Game 4 Tonight


Well I don’t think I’ve ever been so wrong about a series in my life. Yes, I am aware this is far from over. But I didn’t give these guys a chance. I was expecting a sweep, with this Capitals team being so loaded and this Leafs team being so young, small, and injury riddled.

Now for years, this team has been so fun to “hate watch” as a non leafer in Toronto. They were confident, untalented, absurd, and overpaid. Fans threw everything from jerseys to waffles on the ice. But one guy who always cracked me up was Kadri. The guy just wants to win and doesn’t care how he does it. Game 3 showed off peak Kadri. It’s like a switch goes off in this guy’s head, and this time he decided to become a missile screaming at Orpik. It’s laugh out loud funny. It’s wild stuff like this that makes playoff hockey so great.

Still…Capitals in 6.


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