Leafs vs. Caps Preview

It’s been awhile, but playoff hockey is finally back in the city. As a person who isn’t a Leaf fan, and usually can’t stand the maniacs of “Leaf Nation.” I’ll even admit that it is nice for them to get this. After years of mediocrity, and an UNBELIEVABLE tank job last season, the Leafs stunned everyone (including myself) at somehow getting here. But unfortunately for them, they get to take on the President Trophy winning Capitals.

Now simply put the Capitals are bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled, and have the better goaltender. They are a complete team. It’s the best team that Ovechkin has ever had in his time in Washington. There isn’t a position on paper where the Leafs have the upper hand. It also appears that the Leaf defense is also going to be without one of their better dmen in Nikita Zaitsev too.

If Freddy Anderson’s job didn’t already look impossible, the fact that Roman Polak is expected to be on the first line highlights how mammoth of a challenge this is. But! The Capitals have blown series that they were expected to win…practically every year. President Trophy winners have been taken out by teams in the first round before. It also helps that the Leafs playing with house money. They aren’t expected to be here, they have absolutely nothing to lose. At this point if they stole a single game in this series, I could see Washington fans questioning if Trotz is the right guy behind the bench. All of these factors are why I think it will be a quick 4-0 sweep by the Caps. They are just simply too talented and deep of a roster. Sure the Leafs proved me and a ton of people wrong with making it to the dance. It just isn’t going to happen in this series. I just hope they don’t get dummied too bad, otherwise we will all be subjected to the lame talking point of “learning how to win through loss” all summer here.

Enjoy the hype video though!


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