Lexi Thompson gets Screwed Over by Loser

This is one of the most outrageous and remarkable things I’ve ever seen. I’m actually stunned. How on earth does any professional league allow people from their couch make video review calls? Congratulations LPGA you have the most irresponsible idea ever created! First off, this has to be some degenerate gambler phoning in. That’s the only somewhat sane explanation I can come up with, otherwise this is the biggest LOSER on the planet. This weirdo actually saved this clip on their DVR for over a day. I can already picture this guy rewinding and replaying the tape like he’s Costner in JFK, really believing they found some wild news to become outraged about. Instead he cost someone a title, and a huge amount of cash. For what? Moving a ball a millimeter over from where it was? Like this angle doesn’t actually show anything! This call is so bad that even gambling sites aren’t taking the bets on this.

And what the hell is going on at the LPGA? With the thousands of rules I imagine that Golf has, giving the people at home a voice this powerful? Literally people can just dial-up an email or a phone-call and sink someone’s chances? This is literally a sport where serial liars and exaggerators about their own game run rampant, but somehow you trust them over your rules committee to find and install infractions on PROFESSIONALS. I thought the NFL was the worst when it came to the video replay, but instead we finally found rock bottom. The only saving grace of this whole thing. Is that this moron at home doing his investigation, reminded me of the Keith Hernandez Seinfeld moment.


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