Jason Grilli Attempts French, Becomes Bilingual Hero

Jason Grilli is awesome. He’s a guy who doesn’t hide who he is. The Grillman is gonna haul ass outta the bullpen, fire up the crowd, scream at himself, and just straight up murder the language of love. Now I understand he’s putting up a nice sentimental post for Montreal. But this is hilarious. “Au Revoir” is practically stapled everywhere throughout that city. You can’t walk a block without seeing it. What’s even better, is that he just didn’t even try to google it. Literally just spelled it out how he thinks it sounds after finding the perfect picture for that post. I just know that he’s the guy to yell “garcon!” and snap his fingers at a waiter thinking that’s a thing. I’m not even a Jays fan, but I love this move so much that I might just start the hashtag #Ovwa after every out he gets. Screw #cometogether it should be #Ovwa from now on.


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