Biggest Two Games of the Raptors Season


Look…I’m just gonna be straight forward and simple. Because that’s what the tens of people who read this blog ask me for. These upcoming two games with the Wizards WILL DECIDE THE RAPTORS SEASON. Going 0-2, basically wipes out any chance the Raptors have of clinching that second seed in the east.

But! This team is en fuego since the Ibaka and Tucker trades. Even with Lowry out for the regular season, this team is in a BETTER position against the Wizards. They now have the size, the ability to stretch the floor, and a better frontcourt than the Wizards.

Whoa…I just quickly convinced myself that the Raptors can easily do this. Sure im ignoring the lethal combination of Beal and Wall who still haunt me from 2015. But this team is different! I don’t think I’ve ever been so jacked up about a Raptors team in my life since the post Rudy Gay dream run in 2014/15…LETS DO THIS!


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