Cubs Win! Head to First World Series since 1945. Makes me think of Toronto

Well they finally did it. The Cubs are off to the World Series. It is actually amazing how this 107 year drought could be ending. This is one of those rare nights in sports where you actually think in a reflective way. In this case it made me think of the Leafs in regards with Toronto.

What it did was it put into perspective how lame this city has been with moaning about a 49 year title drought. Like every year it’s the same talking point that gets compared to the Cubs. If you don’t believe me, try being a non Leaf hockey fan in Toronto. But not to get off topic lets really look at this. There has been almost two generations on the north side of Chicago who haven’t even seen their squad in the finals. At least here, anyone born from 1960 or before remembers seeing a title won. And if they weren’t at the game, they saw it won on a television. The last Cubs title didn’t even have the radio invented yet (not sure but I’m going with it). Like most Cubs fans probably had to wait until the morning for the paper to tell them. Or maybe get the post game score by telegraph? I don’t even know how that would work in 1908.

Leaf fans can at least have a reunion with the guys on that 67 team. They always show up yearly to celebrate their title. Can anyone tell me when is the last time a member of the Cubs 1907 team was honoured at Wrigley? Which is the main point. So the Leafs and their fans need to stop embracing this “Cubs-like” drought narrative. But instead just accept they are more like the NHL’s Cleveland Browns. Years of success that have been quickly forgotten by decades of ineptitude. Where instead of a rotation of dreadful starting quarterbacks, it’s goalies.


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