Toronto Just Kicked in the Ass

What a day yesterday was. Two huge L’s handed out to the city. The first one coming from the Indians, who punched their first ticket to the World Series since 1997 down at Rogers Centre. Fans watched the Indians celebrate and wonder if this will be the last time they see Bautista or Encarnacion in a Jays uniform. But this wasn’t just a simple L because of that. It’s because of the Jays biggest boot mouth in Jose Bautista. Now before anyone screams about the batflip, just know that was last year and he wasn’t talking like he was in this series. First came the whiney complaints about the zone. Then came the opinion on Ryan Merritt before game 5. It’s like dude. Chill out! Your down 3-1 and the lineup is ice-cold. What in the hell are you thinking? It’s like Andy Bernard self-awareness with this guy. Nobody is intimidated by you, the whole league hates you guys for this exact type of stuff. And of course Cleveland made sure to let him know about this post game.

The happy birthday tweet is just so smug and ruthless, you can’t help but respect Trevor Bauer’s troll game.

But then after accepting the end of another baseball season. I could see “Leafsnation” on twitter lighting up the tweets about Auston Matthews and how it’s “his turn” in the city’s spotlight. And you know what? For once it seemed like it. Here’s a guy with the greatest debut by an NHL rookie whose leading a team with sky-high potential. Comes into the Peg to face the Jets and the dude picked AFTER him in Patrick Laine. They take a 4-0 lead into the second period and it seems like this team has got it. They’re fast, skilled, young and exciting to watch. Too bad they blow their 4 goal lead and take the L in overtime where Laine nets the game winner and a hat trick in the process.


Hilarious. Just Hilarious. I honestly wonder if they built the ACC on an old Aboriginal burial ground. Because there is no other way to explain what happened yesterday. Never in all my years of living here have I witnessed two L’s like this on the same day. It’s unbelievable.

P.S. The Winnipeg crowd chanting “Laine’s Better” shows why they still have the crown for most ruthless in the league.


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