The Cleveland Indians Twitter is Coming In Hot!

Just when you thought the Indians couldn’t dominate this series anymore, here they come in blazing with the social media. Hey I know that most of the time these team accounts are lame and obviously are strictly controlled for good company PR. But you know what? This is downright hilarious. Going straight after the most thin-skinned fan base in the entire league makes for great social media. Here we have a team whose tired of the smug comments and excuses from these players and their fans. So they just start hitting them straight up with FACTS. It’s not the umps strike zone, it’s Jose Bautista and the rest of the lineup failing to adjust. It’s not an anti-Canadian conspiracy because nobody in the MLB office stays awake at night thinking “what will we do with the Canadians”. And on top of this, making fun of a an athlete’s self-appointed nick-name is always great stuff. I wish more teams would do it so we never have to deal with another Dwayne Wade who keeps trying to make “flash” a thing. Maybe the BlueJays twitter guy should start taking receipts and comeback with a vengeance in game 4. Like you have to do that right? Can’t be the “classy” team now after the city has been huckin bottles and cans on the field like soccer hooligans for years now.

Disclaimer: I would be such an ass, If I didn’t mention how lame the Ken Bone option was in that Indians poll.


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