Everyone Now Will Be Stuck With Crappy Netflix Canada


CBC News- Netflix may be emerging victor in its declared war on virtual border hoppers. “I’d say that they have won,” concludes Toronto tech analyst Patrick O’Rourke. He’s making the call because numerous unblocking companies that once declared they would never surrender, now appear to be retreating in defeat. “It seems like most of these companies have thrown in the towel and given up,” says O’Rourke, a writer for the tech site MobileSyrup. Unblocking companies provide Netflix customers with the technology needed to watch shows restricted to other countries. In mid-January, the global streaming service began cracking down on customers who use these services to sneak across borders. The move was Netflix’s attempt to honour its country-exclusive licensing agreements with Hollywood studios. Many unblocking companies remained defiant, declaring they would find workarounds for customers now blocked from Netflix. But that defiance is waning.

Well there it is folks. Crushing news for anyone who lives here (Canada) or in the U.K. Getting stuck with 1/10th the amount of content that Netflix America delivers is just another blow to us north of the border. I now have to go back to watching normal tv like some animal. I might as well be living like a Luddite from this moment after reading this. Stuff like this also makes me laugh during an election year south. With all these people proclaiming “they’ll move to Canada” if their candidate should take the L. Oh ya? Lets see how long you’d last, wanting to watch Workaholics or that Planet Earth 2 during an extreme cold alert in January or Feb when your forced inside. But instead, only can find Murdoch Mysteries under “New Releases”. You people wouldn’t last one winter up here after seeing what we have to deal with. Stuff like this is why us Canadians are known to be such resilient people.


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