Deadmau5 making new Leafs tune


BlogTo- With a new star saving the team, a fresh logo, and a lot of hype surrounding the 2016/17 Maple Leafs season comes news of an updated anthem for the franchise. Toronto DJ/producer/stage musical muse Deadmau5 will produce a brand new anthem for the team. It will debut as they skate onto the ice to take on Boston at the ACC tomorrow. Asked to come up with “something simple, original and different,” the electronic music maker didn’t use any samples and tried to appeal to the very large hockey audience who will be tuning in every game. It’ll be something “driving and anthem-ish,” he descriptively told the Maple Leafs website. A dance song meant to pump energy into the 100 year old organization and announce a new chapter for the team.

This isn’t coming from a Leaf fan but a hockey fan. THANK GOD. Now creating a new “team anthem” is usually a horrible idea. These things tend to be forced and seem very lame. But for the sake of people who attend hockey games at the ACC this was so badly needed. Most nights I’d think Geddy Lee was the only guy who had ever made it big from this city. Or that some Motley Crew member had welded his iPhone to the aux cord. Good music helps add to the atmosphere of any field or arena. Ever heard someone complain from Montreal complain about the eurobeats? Or anyone in Detroit not lose their minds when Journey or Marshall comes on? It’s part of the reason why Raptor games are always considered more fun than Leaf games recently. It’s about time they found someone like Deadmau5 to inject some life into that place and into the 21st century.

P.S. I love how this move will drive the “hockey purists” up the wall.


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