Habs Fan Takes Out Ad To Vent Anger



CBC News- A disgruntled Montreal Canadiens season ticket holder says they will only be attending one game this season — when the Habs take on P.K. Subban’s new team. In a full page newspaper ad, which costs roughly $20,000, the self-described “lifelong fan” said the trade that sent Subban to the Nashville Predators for Shea Weber this summer has changed the way they feel about the team. “Now, I feel anger, disappointment and embarrassment over the treatment of P.K. Subban by team management: the same sentiments that many felt after the Patrick Roy trade,” reads the anonymous ad posted in Thursday’s Montreal Gazette, signed by “Dr. CK and Family.” “You are an amazing and influential role model for my children and I am going to miss not having you as a Montreal Canadien.” The ad is a signal that, despite an optimism surrounding the Canadiens as they prepare to start the season tonight in Buffalo, some fans still haven’t gotten over the decision to ship out the popular defenceman, who committed to raising $10 million for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Because of the trade, the letter writer said they cannot support general manager Marc Bergevin and coach Michel Therrien, and that going to Habs games would be a vote of confidence in their leadership. There’s no mention of what will happen to the unused tickets. Donald Beauchamp, a spokesperson for the team, told CBC News that “we have very passionate fans, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Jimmy Crickets! Tell us how you really feel there Dr. CK. This truly is one of the most smug and obnoxious moves I’ve ever seen. To have the cajones thinking that your giant ad will create some sort of Bernie Sanders revolution in Habs country is wild. Yah the trade sucks but come on dude you gotta do better. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. This isn’t a man calling for the boycott of Bergavin and MT. It’s a gigantic brag by this guy. Here he is showing off how he can afford a $20,000 ad and afford to leave his seats empty for an entire season. It must be nice guy. Like…it’s so obvious he got that doctorate in being a smartass.

P.S. God help Shea Weber if he starts to slump early this season. Cause that place will boo him like never before.


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