Great White Shark Breaches Cage Becomes Nightmare Fuel

Well that was the most terrifying video ever. It was legit nightmare fuel for me as I sat through that. But this is the exact the reason why I stay in the middle of this continent. People here complain that it’s always cold or that the beaches around the great lakes are contaminated. But you know what? I’ll take the risk of dioxins and box turtles over sharks any day of the week. What’s even more crazy about this video is for years I always wondered what would happen if a shark broke into one of these cages. Shark Week has never answered that one for me. But now I know it’s basically a guy opens the little door at the top and prays that this thing flops out. Just stunning to see how it’s basically the same technique I’ve used for years when a racoon gets stuck in my green waste bin.


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