Crosby out with Concussion


TSN- Four months after guiding the Pittsburgh Penguins to a second Stanley Cup, Sidney Crosby will not be on the ice on Thursday night to celebrate the banner’s rise to the rafters. Crosby was diagnosed with a concussion, the Penguins announced on Monday afternoon, without even appearing in a preseason game. It is Crosby’s first diagnosed concussion in nearly five years, since Dec. 2011. Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said Crosby sustained the concussion during practice last Friday, but declined to disclose the sequence in which it occurred. Reporters who regularly cover the team did not recall any unusual interaction, both on the ice and talking to Crosby after practice. Crosby, 29, reported the ill-effects to Penguins brass the following day and was a late scratch for their preseason finale. The Penguins initially hoped Crosby was simply under the weather until a test on Monday confirmed their worst fear. There is no timeline for Crosby’s return and no word on the severity of his symptoms. Sullivan did offer, though, he sensed Crosby was “not discouraged” by the diagnosis. Crosby’s last game was Sept. 29 versus Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey. Crosby has now been befallen by head trauma for the second time at a high point in his NHL career.

Brutal. Just brutal. With the NHL season beginning this week, it actually sucks that Crosby is now going to be out for weeks. He was playing at such a high level, that you couldn’t help but enjoy watching him dominate the game like the Lebron’s and Brady’s of his sport. It was great to see him regain his title as the games greatest player saving us from all the hot-takes that Sportsnet and TSN panels spew about him after every single period he plays.

But of course…thats now over. Now were gonna have to hear from the Blackhawk fans of the world who yell that Toews or Kane has the title. Endure Darren Millard asking if the Pens can win without him for the entire month of October even during a Flames-Avs matchup. Have our twitter feed taken over by Bob Mckenzie as he sits outside the Pens practise facility tweeting out what type of coffee Crosby walked in with. This just simply an awful start to the season.


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