Woman angry at world for taking pics of her dog


(Picture from same dailymail article linked below)

Dailymail- A Jack Russell owner feels she has become a laughing stock because her pet must wear sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes. Maria Domanic said she is ‘fed up’ with people pointing, laughing and taking photos whenever she takes 14-year-old Jaxs for walks. He suffers from a weak immune system and is sensitive to light so cannot see without the dark glasses because of the cysts in his eyes. Maria, from Kingsbridge, south Devon, said: ‘I’m fed up with it. He is suffering and has had so many cameras pointed in his face this summer that he now hides his face away from strangers. ‘I just want people to be made aware that he has to wear glasses for medical reasons and they are there to protect his eyes.’Shoving cameras in his face is just making him really nervous. It’s just getting too much for him.’ In 2011 Jaxs was able to walk again with the aid of a pair of ‘mediboots’. Maria said if he walked on grass without the boots he ‘gets red pads and they bleed’. A spokesman for the Abbotskerswell veterinary centre in Devon said: ‘Although he always looks smart and stylish, Jaxs has many allergies which means he has to keep his paws covered and wear special glasses to shield his eyes from the sun.’

Well isn’t this something. This has to be the first story I’ve ever read where the owner of a dog is just SEETHING of jealously. Here we got Jaxs just living the old dog life. He’s cruising around in his special moon boots, tiny supreme hat, and some awesome old man shades. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog pull off the retired old man swag look so well. He could seriously pass as Vice News animal correspondent. Usually I hate the old man swag on young hipsters, but on this furry little fella it’s just so damn delightful.

But here instead we have Maria here, whose just telling the world his entire medical history which I’m sure Jaxs himself doesn’t appreciate. But also being upset that he’s so photogenic. This has me generally so confused. Have you never heard of “if you got it, flaunt it”? Do you think people are stopping in the street to take pictures of regular looking dogs? How are people just simply suppose to just not take a picture of a dog killing the fashion game. They can’t, and they shouldn’t. And another thing, has Maria ever heard of Instagram? Like seriously in a world where the number of likes means everything. How has she not made the Jaxs page yet. This little hat wearing dude is a four-legged like machine.

Seriously Maria, time to put the jealously aside and let this little guy strut like he’s never strut before.


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