Jays Win! But idiots keep making headlines


Toronto Sun- Who threw the beer can at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim?Toronto Police say they’re still investigating the tallboy toss that came at the bottom of the seventh inning as the Jays were tied 2-2 with the Orioles on Tuesday night. The can flew onto the field from the Rogers Centre stands just as Kim was about to catch a long fly ball from the Jays Melvin Upton Jr. On Wednesday, cops said the can caper was an ongoing investigation but so far, no arrests have been made. “We’re currently looking into it,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said, adding no one has been arrested yet. Just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, police took to Twitter to urge the thrower to “turn yourself in. “We have photos,” cops tweeted. The beer blast quickly made headlines across North America. In the locker room after the game, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was still steaming about the throw. “To throw something at a player, that’s as pathetic as it gets and I hope they find the guy and I hope they press charges,” he said. Mayor John Tory described the yet-to-identified beer thrower as a “loon ball” but stressed he was just one fan amid 50,000. “Hopefully people know who that was and has singled them out,” Tory told Newstalk 1010 on Wednesday. “Maybe he should get help.” Blue Jays spokesman Erik Grosman said the fan was not ejected because he took off before police had a chance to get him.

Last night was awesome. That game between the O’s and the Jays, is why the one game playoff has become one of the most exciting/nail-biting formats created. Edwin’s walk off homer was another electrifying moment that made the dome descend into sheer madness and euphoria. It’s that type of ending that baseball fans live for, and sports fans pay all that money to see it happen.

But of course, it can’t be that simple. In the bottom of the 7th, a BroJay irate that Hyun Soo Kim was about to catch a routine inning ending fly ball. Decided it was time to take matters in his own hands and be the hero the city needs, by turning his Coors Light into a boomerang. Thankfully it didn’t smoke Kim in the back of his head, and he ended the inning unharmed but stunned at what just happened.

What it did do, was keep the title of Blue Jays fans being the worst in the MLB very alive and trending. Now before the five people who read this site comment that it’s “not every fan” or just “a few bad apples” they need to stop lying to themselves. First, this is not some new thing. Fans throwing cans, bottles, or any other garbage has happened way too frequently. It happened at the home opener in 2009 which resulted in the Rogers Centre being forced to do three dry games. There was last year’s wild inning in the ALDS. Heck, yesterday wasn’t even the fist time that an O’s player was targeted with a beer. We even had a guy who thought that throwing cans was for nerds and wimps, and ratcheted things up when he tried to get the urinal out there. The Jays even had to stop giving away free calendar magnets on opening day BEFORE the game started, because they soon came raining down from the 500 level. Like let that sink in. A MLB team actually has to wait until the game is over because they can not trust their own fans to NOT throw stuff. This has become a kindergarten for giant man-babies. So when Americans are all over twitter saying Jays fans are bandwagoners who don’t understand baseball and are morons. Tell me how they shouldn’t belive that after this same stuff happens over and over again on their tv’s. At this point throwing stuff at either a home opener or playoff game has become a yearly tradition in this city like the Santa Claus Parade or nuit blanche. Oh, and while were at it. Before anyone counters with the typical smug Canadian exceptionalism on diversity in our city toward Americans who point out this stupidity on whatever platform. It’s now being reported that the can throwing was the least of the problems, with some douchebags spending their inning’s yelling racist bullshit towards various Orioles. Obviously, this isn’t all fans and we can’t generalize. But really this is a brutal look. There’s no way to sugar coat this after seeing and reflecting on this display happening again and again.

What is even more aggravating, is that Rogers Centre or whomever is in charge of how drinks are sold there. Has still not said to themselves “gee I don’t know…maybe cans or bottles shouldn’t be sold at the dome during games”. Like, they’ve made the switch to cups before. But maybe it takes like double-digit incidents like these for it to really sink in that plastic cups wouldn’t give a player a concussion falling from the 200 level. Or just be so meat-head friendly to throw.

The real shame here, is that instead of fans celebrating that amazing walk off homer by Edwin. The city is instead focused on finding and bringing to justice the culprit of #cangate, and dealing with the fallout of letting these idiots do crap like this for far too long and often at these games.


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